Chinese horoscope february 24 2020

Residual relationship business needs to be squared away, so prepare for someone to stage an unexpected return. Chase up your ambitions from the recent past and you get things right this time. Not like you to take a backward step, but this is where success lies. Mars, your fiery ruler, gives you extra energy when you add patience to your repertoire. Wednesday 17th is your stand-out day, when your leadership qualities come to the front. Listen to your instincts and people follow.

You have an unexpected sympathetic side too, though you like to keep it private. Time away from the herd with a well-chosen friend takes you places and you can test the ground before going public with the affair.

A sociable feeling surrounds you and introductions come from all sides. New friends open doors for you and it pays to hang out in the best company.

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Be ambitious, you have what is takes to be at the top table. Venus, your ruler, takes up a sublime position and you act by a kind of inspired gut feel. People find you sensitive and charming, but you just follow your nose. A domestic upheaval is more involved than you realize, but the upheaval is worth it. A step back to take two forwards hits the spot at home. Career breaks take you to new places, though good fortune comes in subtle packages. A cavalier approach to success comes from knowing you have the right stuff, but beware of seeming cocky. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, sees opportunity fall into your lap, and works all the better when you ground it.

Mighty oaks come from small acorns. Monday 22nd is a diamond day, when you mind and feelings are in perfect tune. Use your persuasive charm to the fullest and people are happy to follow. You have winning way as velvety Venus moves into line on Friday 12th. An effective combination. Pluto, planet of rebirth, brings up issues from the past and there are ghosts to lay. An old romantic affair lingers unless you face up to the issues today.

Education plans come to the fore as you seek to raise your profile.

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Either you look to get properly qualified, or there is something you can teach to others. Maybe both. A new subject provides fun as well as enlightenment and you revel in the social side of study. You are full-on and bursting with energy. Fiery Mars brings out your competitive streak as you rise to a challenge that you have ignored for too long. You are apt to bark orders, but look for a diplomatic solution in your one-to-ones. According to your February Horoscope , you are focusing on fun after working hard for so long. You have credentials up the front and down the back, but more important to enjoy yourself.

Everything you do goes better in company and friends are around to help you celebrate. The classy combination of expansive Jupiter and voluptuous Venus hits your love zone and you are looking for an elegant guru. Someone who can handle themselves in company, but also has stories to tell.

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Insight on a personal issue comes from a friend, who becomes a positive inspiration. Your ambitions seem far away, but nothing is achieved all at once. Prioritize, and reel the big prize in slowly. Your journey is as important as your destination and vital experience comes along the way to success. Try to keep calm if your partner is sulky or uncomfortable: it will happen to him as fast as it has come! If you are alone, you will experience love these days as a tender game of hide and seek or an innocent game of blindman.

You will run after the sweet sensation of a night. In the morning, it is already dissipated, while in your turn, we will run after you! Your relationship with your spouse or partner will lose some of their usual intensity. However, you will still manage to fuel the fire of passion in the heart of the other.

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In short, the pleasure will be at the rendezvous. The marriages concluded during this period will have all the chances of being stable and happy provided that the masculine part is of this sign.

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You will share with your new elected the same taste for a serene existence. For some singles, flirtations can lead to deeper relationships. With this aspect of the star Benh, there will be animation in your love life. The atmosphere will be warm and sensual. No false note will disturb this beautiful harmony. You will live happy days with your spouse or partner. If you live alone, you will have a great chance to make a landmark encounter this time.

But your brand new love is likely to be put through the fire very early. If you manage to consolidate your relationship with this person, you can count on lasting happiness. The star Thien Phu will take care of your finances this time. Take advantage of the presence of the master of intelligence, communication and resourcefulness to take care of your accounts, meet your banker, negotiate a loan or the spread of a debt, reorganize your investments.

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  6. In short, put your gray cells at the service of improving your financial situation. Your financial life will be momentarily highlighted by the stars. You should be able to use it to improve your situation. Be careful though at two points. First, beware of the risk of conflict or misunderstanding with a couple about a purchase or investment. Then, show yourself very cautious if you have to invest money in a business that involves some of your friends.

    The planetary influxes of the period will be beneficial to you in many ways, and it will be a question of making the most of it. You will have good chances in the handling of money and speculation in general. Real estate investment will be favored. But in spite of all that, do not loosen too easily the cords of your purse.

    This position of the star Hong Loan should encourage you to be a little more cautious financially. The protection you have been receiving lately will no longer be as effective. This does not mean that you risk difficulties. Just be aware that if you take too much risk or spend money, this time, you will not be able to count on luck to help you find your balance quickly.

    Skip to content People of the Pig sign live with philosophy. Years of the Pig The Pig people were born in , , , , , , , Here are the exact dates and their associated elements: Wood Pig: February 4, to January 23, and January 31, to February 18, Pig of Fire: January 22, to February 09, and February 18, to February 06, Earth Pig: February 08, to January 27, and February 05, to January 24, Pig of Metal: from January 27, to February 14, Water Pig: February 13, to February 1, General climate Difficult to choose, among all the planets that will help you this year, the one that will be the most beneficial, the most advantageous.

    2020: Year of the Rat

    Wood Your intuition will be your best guide during this chinese year Fire If you get upset, you will live badly this year somewhat destabilized. Metal Very rewarding and constructive year Water In love as in the professional field, you will take things in hand, and you will be very expeditious. Love and Dating First trimester The life of a couple will be harmonious. Second trimester With this aspect of the star Benh Phu, small sulks in love are possible.

    Third trimester Your relationship with your spouse or partner will lose some of their usual intensity. Fourth trimester With this aspect of the star Benh, there will be animation in your love life.