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Best Aspects In Synastry

However, because the idea of a soul mate means many different things to different people, it's worth exploring the various aspects that play a role in this phenomena. Synastry, in astrology, is the art of comparing natal charts to find strengths and weakness in the area of compatibility.

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There are key areas in synastry that have the power to denote the meeting of astrological soul mates. Sun to Sun aspects in synastry bode very well for the overall compatibility of two individuals. The two of you will boost each other's energy and allow one another to function independently.

Astrological soulmate secrets of karmic astrology

In other words, you won't drain energy from each other, but instead add to it. This is because there is little need to explain yourself to one another; you just "get" each other. Beyond that, you are apt to feel very proud of each other's accomplishments. This is the Holy Grail for the meeting of zodiac soul mates, so if your synastry chart has this aspect, consider yourself extremely lucky indeed!

This is because the Sun and Moon naturally compliment one another; they are meant to go together. With this aspect, what you'll feel right off the bat is attraction! As the relationship evolves and deepens, the "Moon" person within the relationship usually evolves into a supporting role to the "Sun" person who tends the "drive" or lead the relationship in some way. A trine or a sextile between Mars and the Moon is a powerful indicator of attraction!

Best Synastry Aspects

While Sun-Moon aspects denote attraction as well, the Mars-Moon connection raises that initial attraction to a mutual fascination. This aspect lends an animated, lively quality to the relationship , one where the Moon person nurtures and "strokes" the Mars person's ego. In turn, the Mars person encourages the Moon person to be brave and outgoing. Right People! Nor do i want to trigger any Love Zombie benders out there.

But the fact remains that although we meet a mad variety of people throughout our lives and many of them are, you know, nice or interesting — the soul zing link is rare. The idea is to not geek out over one or two but wait till you see a whole lot of these indicators.

6 Astrological Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Some people are just all about Mars synastry — for some reason they turn us on even when it is essentially a fairly crap relationship out of bed. Others are Jupiter bonds — really enriching and intellectually broadening but not necessarily that soul zing.

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To look up some of these, you will need to be familiar with the Extended Chart Selection on Astrodienst. It is at the bottom right. These all need to be pretty much exact or a few degrees out.

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    Saturn is the Time Lord. People who are bound to meet have strong Saturn aspects between them. It lends an extra gravitas to the encounter.