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Gemini, you love learning. You often over-think things and can let your nurturing, sensitive nature get in the way of making necessary changes in your life.

Duh, Steve Martin. This one kind of feels like a no-brainer, right, Leo? You shine brightest in the spotlight, and have no problem taking up your rightful space in this world. No one can ignore you, and honestly, who would want to? We know how tough it can be for you to keep going in the face of so much adversity, Virgo, but we commend your vigilant desire to fight for what you believe in.

Things can often get dark in your scene, Scorpio. Your intensity and passion sometimes makes for a seriously moody experience.

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You are progressive in your thinking, which is reflected in every aspect of your life. You do not like being told how to live your life, and you will make your decisions clear to anyone who dares question them.

You are energetic, with a zest for life. This perseverance earns you respect from others, even if they disagree with what you are hoping to accomplish.

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That fate depends on conjunctions Of places, persons, times, and tracks, And not on the functions Of more or less of quacks. Either ways, I can know the reason of my troubles.

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I was told I appeared to always be down Never a smile So I lifted myself out of my wheelchair.. I fell flat on my face

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