Eta carinae astrology

Written by astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg-Priestley.

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NASA Goddard video about observations in and what we know about the pair of stars in this complicated system Three Short Hubblecast Videos from — on discoveries involving star clusters Brief Hubblecast episode with Joe Liske, explaining planetary nebulae in general and one example in particular Want to cite, share, or modify this book?

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Astronomers stunned again by Eta Carinae – the star that will not die – Astronomy Now

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How I changed all my life in when transit Uranus was squaring my Sun. How I quited my job as an urban planner, sold my house, moved to another neighborhood, how my lover died in a car accident.

The Carina Constellation

It was a real shipwreck, and I started all over again, this time as an strologer with a strong sense of destiny. I want to take this opportunity to thank Baten Kaitos and Diana Rosenberg. Membership Events Books Magazine Subscription.

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  7. Enjoy this variety of articles offered by OPA members through the years. War… Canopus. In , Duane Hamacher and David Frew published a paper in which they identified that particular star.

    Indigenous Astrology

    This was no ordinary star… it is one of the most massive stars known, called Eta Carinae. This enigmatic object is actually a binary, has a combined mass of more than suns, and is 4 million times more luminous than our little home star.

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    The larger star of Eta Car is unstable and undergoes occasional violent outbursts, where it sheds material from its outer shells, making it exceptionally bright. During the s, Eta Carinae went through such an outburst where it shed 20 solar masses of its outer shell and became the second brightest star in the night sky, after Sirius, before fading from view a few years later.

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    The remnant of this explosion is evident by the Homunculus Nebulae. This identification shows that the Boorong had noted the sudden brightness of this star and incorporated it into their oral traditions.

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    This result has excited the usual healthy skepticism, with questions about whether any untrained peoples can discover the variability and whether such a discovery is likely to be placed into lore and transmitted for long periods of time. Here, I am offering an independent evaluation, based on broad experience with naked-eye sky viewing and astro-history. Further, indigenous peoples in the Southern Hemisphere inevitably kept watch on the prominent red star, so it is inevitable that the variability of Betelgeuse was discovered many times over during the last 65 millennia.